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SaaS CEO Summit: Adapt In A Fast Changing Environment

Bringing together real stories of SaaS CEOs and how they adapt to thrive and not just survive in fast-changing environments. 

Learn to lead with focused precision action in high-stress, high-reward environments!

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Becoming a Future Ready Leader 

Building the Right Team

Gaining Customers Confidence For Life: Increasing Customer Life Time Value

 Business Systems To Accelerate Organisational Change

 Gearing Up for Scale

Roads Model: A 5 Step Model For Change

Our Speakers

Bret Packard

Hai Mag

Joseph Gonzalez

Carl Gold

Dan Fradenburgh

Why Attend the SaaS CEO Summit?

This is one-of-a-kind summit is designed for SaaS CEOs who are continually attempting to rapidly adapt to external and internal changes. SaaS CEOs speak to psychologist Dr. Megan Rhoads and demystify how a SaaS CEO become a most productive leader, and most creative solution finder, in high-stress, high-reward environment. 

Here are 3 reasons a SaaS CEO must learn to adapt more efficiently in fast-changing environments, and hence 3 reasons to attend this summit. 


Raise First or Next Round of Funding

VCs look for founder's and team's adaptability before they look for product in tech industry (Source: Forbes)


Create A Unicorn Like Culture In The Company

Unicorns adapt to both internal company changes and external changes at the same high speed (Source: Inc42)


Hit Revenue Goals On Time & Reduce Churn Rate

Crises does not ring the bell and come and fast adaptation to crises allows to hit revenue goals on time (Source: Havard Business Review)



Dr Megan Rhoads - Licensed Psychologist

I am very confident in my philosophy: we all grow up as little learning machines, trying to figure out how to emotionally (and sometimes physically) survive our environment. I teache my psychotherapy patients and executive coaching clients alike how to manage their “inner employees” (aka, 5 parts of self). This helps them show up better for themselves, for their team, and their own clients.  Let’s get your human-side to shine through in this fast-paced, tech-heavy environment!

The World Needs You Now

More Than Ever! 

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