Exclusive Invite For SaaS CEOs

SaaS CEO Summit: Adapt In A Fast Changing Environment

Bringing Together Real Stories of SaaS CEOs and how they adapt to thrive and not just survive in fast changing environments. Learn To Lead With Focused Action In High Stress-High Reward Environment!

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March 1st, 2022


3 Days




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Why Attend the

SaaS CEO Summit?

It is a one of a kind summit designed for SaaS CEOs and leaders who are continually attempting to adapt fast to external and internal changes. SaaS leaders speak to clinical psychologist Dr. Megan Rhoads and demystify how a SaaS CEO can be the most productive as a leader and most creative as a solution creator in high-stress, high-reward environment. 

Here are 3 reasons a SaaS CEO must learn to adapt more efficiently in their fast-changing industry, and hence 3 reasons to attend this summit. 


Raise First or Next Round of Funding

VCs look for founder's and team's adaptability before they look for product in tech industry (Source: Forbes)


Create A Unicorn Like Culture In The Company

Unicorns adapt to both internal company changes and external changes at the same high speed (Source: Inc42)


Hit Revenue Goals On Time & Reduce Churn Rate

Crises does not ring the bell and come and fast adaptation to crises allows to hit revenue goals on time (Source: Havard Business Review)

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Your Learning Experience As A SaaS CEO at The SaaS CEO Summit

Through a mix of live and recorded sessions and interactive discussions moderated by your host - Dr. Megan Rhoads, Psychologist PsyD, you will learn how to navigate your way in fast changing environment and achieve the benchmarks that you have set for yourself and your SaaS company.  You get the know the industry stories from the industry peers and you learn how to deal with stress and anxiety from an expert psychologist. 

Note: The summit highlights stories to inspire and perspectives to help you be more productive as a SaaS CEO. It is for informational purposes and not medico-legal advice.

Learn Proven Ways of Fast Adaptation as a SaaS CEO

Learn From Real-Life Examples

Learn How To Create An Organisational Culture That Thrives

Learn How To Lead With Revenue Generation Expertise

Session Topics

Topic 1:

Becoming a Future Ready Leader 

Learn how to avoid the invisible roadblocks that get in the way of creating a thriving SaaS Company in a fast changing environment. 

Topic 2:

Building the Right Team

Learn how to select founding members, employees, managers, and other key players on your team who can adapt fast in a fast changing environment

Topic 3:

Gaining Customers Confidence For Life: Increasing Customer Life Time Value

Learn how to elicit customer feedback while simultaneously deepening relationships when the customers during the times of rapid change



Topic 4:

 Business Systems To Accelerate Organisational Change

Learn how to create an environment of risk taking that can adapt to fast changes in environment with more confidence and enthusiasm

Topic 5:

 Gearing Up for Scale

Learn how to identify the traps SaaS CEOs fall into as they attempt to manage the pressure of change

Topic 6:

Roads Model: A 5 Step Model For Change

Dr. Megan Rhoads shares 'Roads Model' - a framework she has created for SaaS CEOs to thrive rather than survive by handling change in a positive manner. rapid 


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Who Is The SaaS CEO Summit For? 

The SaaS CEO Summit is for the ambitious SaaS CEOs and leaders of the industry who resonate with the following statements:

  • Change is the only constant and the SaaS industry is positioned to be a rapidly changing environment
  • Most change efforts fail but there are ways to avoid that fate 
  • Taking smart risks is better than taking no risk at all
  • Exceptional CEOs manage change better, especially in the SaaS industry. 

Host Details

Dr Megan Rhoads - Licensed Psychologist

I am very confident in my philosophy: we all grow up as little learning machines, trying to figure out how to emotionally (and sometimes physically) survive our environment. I teache my psychotherapy patients and executive coaching clients alike how to manage their “inner employees” (aka, 5 parts of self). This helps them show up better for themselves, for their team, and their own clients.  Let’s get your human-side to shine through in this fast-paced, tech-heavy environment!

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What to Expect in the 30 minutes of the interview slot for the summit: 

In the 30 minutes, we spend together on a Zoom Call, you can expect the following:  

•  The First 5 Minutes: We greet each other and get to know each other. It will be a one on one interview. We discuss the topic of discussion briefly and then officially start the recording for the summit. 

•  The Next 20 Minutes: We record the summit session and that session goes live on the summit virtually on the specific days of the summit. 

• The Last 5 Minutes: We provide a vote of thanks. 

Each Interview Is Personally Conducted By Me, Dr Megan Rhoads - The Summit Host